Monday, June 1, 2009

High Tea or Low Tea?

There always seems to be some confusion over what type of tea is being served. Should it be called High Tea, Low Tea or just afternoon tea? Here are a couple of poems that should clear things up perfectly.

High Tea
(Essentially It's Supper)
Beans on toast and leftover roast,
the last meal of the day.
Jeans and shirts, or comfy old skirts,
slippers are quite okay.
Tea that's black, the pot with a crack,
placemats for everyday.
Neighbors, mates, or long-standing dates;
pets won't be in the way.
- J. Camille Korsmo
Low Tea
(Indubitably a Party)
Cakes and tarts and scones shaped like hearts,
an afternoon affair.
Frocks and pearls topped with hats and curls,
perfume applied with flair.
Fine Earl Grey, a fresh bouquet,
the table set with care.
Invited guests (some dear, some pests).
Manners? Beyond compare!
- J. Camille Korsmo


Marilyn Miller said...

The poem says it perfectly. What a beautiful plate of tea food.

Steph said...

Love these! And I just recently heard another story about kids dipping rhubarb in sugar. It sounds GREAT!

Rosemary said...

What fun! Such a clever way to distinquish between the two.

Angela McRae said...

WONDERFUL poems! Wouldn't it be fun to print these out for guests at your next tea party!

Marilyn Miller said...

Hi again,

If you would like to purchase Tea with a Twist, just let me know. Shipping would be free. The cost is $24.99.
email me at:


Linda J. said...

Tea rooms and hotel tea services who call afternoon tea a "high tea" really irritate me! Very clever poem!

Southern Touch Catering said...

I LOVE this. Perfect. Someone has a very good way with words and who couldn't understand after that!
PS regarding your message on my blog today, I know how you feel really. It is so nice to have time to get things done again and having time to garden will be nice and getting to see mom a little more often while she is still with us will be good, but man that little girl is such a pleasure.

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