Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Tea Package

It’s always fun to receive a package from a blog giveaway that you’ve won.  This was a lovely tea theme giveaway from my friend Angela at Tea With Friends.


I couldn’t wait to try the chocolates from Nestle Japan.  Aero was always one of my favorites and this matcha tea flavored version is delicious!  The Kit Kat bar (pale green coating and filling) was also yummy.

Angela added some Numi Pu-erh teabags in four interesting flavors – ginger, cardamom, jasmine and coconut.  I tried the ginger flavor first and was quite impressed.  It brewed up dark and rich with a mildly earthy fragrance and a light ginger taste.  I think the other flavors of this organic Pu-erh will also be enjoyable.

The YamaMotoYama Jasmine is also good.  It tastes like the tea served in a lot of Oriental restaurants.  It will be great to have on hand for serving with homemade stir-fry or a Chinese take-out meal.  I’m looking forward to sampling the traditional Chinese Oolong tea also.

The two sizes of filter bags will come in handy on our upcoming trip for our daughters wedding.  As for the pretty striped mug, I’m not sure yet whether I’ll use it for drinking tea or maybe to hold makeup brushes in the boudoir (it is a generous sized cup).

Thanks, Angela, for this great box of goodies. 

Be sure to visit Tea With Friends blog for your chance to win her weekly giveaway.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Teapot Cake

We were finally able to set some time aside to celebrate my birthday with my younger daughter and her fiancĂ©e.  We’ve been home from Mexico for a couple of weeks, but are still trying to catch up.  She is also very busy getting ready for her Florida beach wedding in May.

It was so sweet that she made time to bake this pretty teapot cake for me.  


I liked the cute shape and the blue, yellow and white color palette.  The strawberry cake inside was moist and delicious.


Thank you, Cynthia for my lovely birthday treat.

Some of you might be wondering why I haven’t visited lately.  Chances are that I have, but with all the computer issues we’ve been experiencing lately, many times I’m not able to leave you a comment. 


Thursday, April 12, 2012

House of Three Rivers

We recently returned from our first trip to an all-inclusive resort in Mexico, the Hacienda Tres Rios.  I felt some trepidation, due to the horror stories of well meaning friends, but was totally won over by my experience at this fabulous resort.

It sits on a 326 acre nature park in the Mexican Caribbean near Playa Del Carmen.  It’s a green resort (sustainable tourism) and offers modern luxury, with Mexican and Mayan traditions. 


Our two bedroom suite was spacious (1,236 sq. ft.) and very lovely.  It was really like our own apartment (minus the kitchen), with two bedrooms with sitting areas, dining and living room combination, three bathrooms and balconies.  There was an abundance of storage space and lots of mirrors.



I loved the local mahogany wood furniture and lovely Mexican marble floors.  The patterns on the floor throughout the resort featured different colors of marble in striking patterns.

This is a large resort with several guest buildings containing around 273 suites.  The landscaping is gorgeous – beautiful flowers, coconut trees, palms, and white sand beaches everywhere.



There was a long open corridor with comfortable seating that was used for tea time in the afternoon and then martinis in the evening.



The pools were beautiful, and these outdoor spaces had the Hacienda Grill in one area and a brick oven pizza restaurant in another.  My grandson practically lived on the pizza and we couldn’t get him out of the water. 


My favorite spot was the comfy beach bed right at the waters edge – the breeze, the sound of the waves, the swooping birds – could it get any more relaxing?  Oh wait – that visit to the spa for a massage and facial was was pretty close.

We did a bicycle tour of the cenotes and paddled a kayak up and down the river and snorkeled.  There were several shows and parties to attend in the evening, including a wonderful beach buffet.  The resort staff set up the tables and food buffet right on the sand and had a live band for salsa dancing. 

P4044111There was a Michael Jackson tribute at the theatre, a Mayan dinner show, the Caribbean beach night, a Circus dinner show and lots more.  And the food, oh wow! 


The garnishes were outstanding, with flowers, carved fruits and vegetables, butter sculptures and lots of other gourmet touches.  There was something for everyone, even a tea enthusiast like me could visit the Patisserie for tea and treats, although I found myself drinking much more cappuccino than tea.



The madeleine shaped treat was white chocolate with a fruit filling and the meringues (in front) were delicious. 

P4024055With so many options for 24 hour per day dining, it was difficult not to over indulge.  I’m a seafood lover and enjoyed shrimp, lobster, seafood soup, paella, etc. during our stay.  I tried zabaglione for the first time at the Portofino Italian restaurant – yummy.  Don enjoyed the many lamb, chicken and beef dishes.

Overall, this was a great vacation and I’m looking forward to returning in a couple of years.  We took over 300 photos (plus some by the resort photographer), so it was difficult to decide which ones to share with you.  I hope you can at least get a glimpse of this little piece of paradise.


You can check out their website here if you’d like to see more. 



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