Thursday, April 19, 2012

Teapot Cake

We were finally able to set some time aside to celebrate my birthday with my younger daughter and her fiancée.  We’ve been home from Mexico for a couple of weeks, but are still trying to catch up.  She is also very busy getting ready for her Florida beach wedding in May.

It was so sweet that she made time to bake this pretty teapot cake for me.  


I liked the cute shape and the blue, yellow and white color palette.  The strawberry cake inside was moist and delicious.


Thank you, Cynthia for my lovely birthday treat.

Some of you might be wondering why I haven’t visited lately.  Chances are that I have, but with all the computer issues we’ve been experiencing lately, many times I’m not able to leave you a comment. 



Donna@Conghaile Cottage said...

You are JUST SO CUTE with your cake! The only problem "IS", The cake is TOO PRETTY TO CUT! Just how long were you able to admire it BEFORE it was eaten..."YUMMMMMY"!
I hope you clear up your computer issues. I had terrible ones too.
Have a wonderful week,
Hugs to you,

Antiques And Teacups said...

How cute! What a talented baker. I would have trouble cutting it it is so cute...or maybe not! LOL!
Happy belated birthday!

Marilyn said...

What a thoughtful and very pretty birthday cake. Lucky you!

Ginger said...

What a cute cake! Happy belated Birthday.

Steph said...

Oh, it's lovely!! Happy belated birthday.

Siret said...

What a lovely und splendid idea!
Yes, this teapot is really too beautyful to cut and eat.
Have a wonderful new year!


lemonverbenalady said...

Happy belated birthday and what a very appropriate and sweet way to celebrate! Love the strawberry cake idea! Thanks for sharing. The Mexican resort sounds wonderful. It was good to know your experience was great. I'm making the rounds of my favorite blogs. Don't do this often enough! xxoo Nancy

The Tea Enthusiast's Scrapbook said...

Hi Maureen,

Happy Birthday!

What a gorgeous cake your daughter made for you! I agree with Donna that it's too cute to cut. :)

Computer challenges are such a headache! Drink lots of tea while you're work on correcting the problems. :)

Blessings, Darlene

Linda J. said...

Oh my! Absolutely tea-lightful!! And, very thoughtful, too.

Angela McRae said...

What an awesome cake -- I'm impressed! And I hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Joy said...

What a darling cake! Happy Birthday to you!

Red Rose Alley said...

This is an amazing Birthday cake that your daughter made for you! It sounds like it was delicious too. Happy Birthday to you, my friend.
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

Rosemary said...

Happy Birthday! I simply love the teapot cake!!

Barb's Tea Shop said...

Happy Birthday!! Something special about folks who have birthdays in April. The cake is beautiful and I just read about your trip to Mexico. Wonderful pictures!
A tea toast to your birthday!

Ruthie Miller said...

What a darling cake!!! I wonder if she used a special pan?
Happy Birthday a bit late. Catching up on tea blogs this morning.
All the best, Ruthie at:
Please come visit !

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