Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Disney Hilton Head

I've been enjoying the deck here at our unit at Disney Hilton Head Resort.  It has a wonderful view of the marsh and is unbelievably quiet and peaceful.  The tide is out in the above picture and you can see the path that we walked along on our "Secrets of the Marsh" tour.  It was very interesting, although a little unnerving when your heavy knee high rubber boots would sink six inches down into the mud without warning.  

The 1940's Lowcountry vacation lodge decor is perfect, with interesting light fixtures, photos, tile, carpet, etc.

The base of the floor lamp above is made with three canoe paddles and the photos are what you would expect to see at a fish camp.

We've rented bicycles for the week and when we feel like a change of scenery, it is a pleasant ride to Disney Beach House with it's twelve mile stretch of beautiful sand beach.

Well, I think I'll go sit in one of the rockers on the deck, breath in the fresh salty air and read my Kindle. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tovolo Tea Infuser

Stopped in to TJ Maxx yesterday to see if anything new had arrived in tea ware.  I found a couple of boxes of Yorkshire Gold tea bags on the clearance rack and snapped those up.  I also saw this interesting tea infuser.


This looks like it would work very well in a teapot or for brewing a cup of loose tea in a mug.  I like the three prong green top with the matching stand.  Handy to hold the used tea leaves upright (maybe for another infusion) and to catch drips.

A quick search showed me that the Tovolo tea infuser is available at Stash tea online at a slightly higher price.

Tovolo In-Mug Tea Infuser

I’m not sure that I need another tea infuser, but I was tempted to buy this one.  Has anyone tried it?

Monday, September 10, 2012

Teaopia Tea For One


As I mentioned in a previous post, I purchased several tea items on my recent trip to Canada.  One day my brother had some work to do, so he said he would drop me off at the huge Vaughan Mills Mall.  Of course, my first stop was the store directory to see if there were any tea shops and I was happy to find that there was a Teaopia store.

I learned that their shops were soon merging with Teavana and their logo merchandise was being sold off at a 70% discount. 


One of the several items I purchased from Teaopia was a pretty tea for one set.  I’ve never seen one as delicate as this and with a combination of glass and china. 



The china filter basket matches the teacup and the tiny holes are perfect for containing smaller tea leaves.


This set is perfect for brewing myself a special cup of green tea, like this Bouteaque Jade Sword.


You can go to the Teavana website and find a 20% off discount.


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