Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tovolo Tea Infuser

Stopped in to TJ Maxx yesterday to see if anything new had arrived in tea ware.  I found a couple of boxes of Yorkshire Gold tea bags on the clearance rack and snapped those up.  I also saw this interesting tea infuser.


This looks like it would work very well in a teapot or for brewing a cup of loose tea in a mug.  I like the three prong green top with the matching stand.  Handy to hold the used tea leaves upright (maybe for another infusion) and to catch drips.

A quick search showed me that the Tovolo tea infuser is available at Stash tea online at a slightly higher price.

Tovolo In-Mug Tea Infuser

I’m not sure that I need another tea infuser, but I was tempted to buy this one.  Has anyone tried it?


Marilyn said...

Haven't tried it, but I does look like a nice one.

Sheila said...

I have one like this and I love it because the holes are small enough that the leaves don't leak through. You do have to be careful is you are pouring the water over the leaves in the infuser because it will overflow quickly.

Angela McRae said...

This is one of the few I have not tried, but like you, I like the design! I think I'm learning a little restraint when it comes to such purchases, because yesterday I was in Teavana and actually bypassed a new style of infuser since, also like you, I've already got so many!

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