Thursday, September 12, 2019

Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

I just saw an older article from Real Simple written in 2015.  I really needed this reminder to start drinking more green tea, in place of my favorite black tea.

Find the article here. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Ladies Afternoon Tea

This was the first afternoon tea that I have attended for quite some time.  It was such a lovely and traditional event.  There were pretty table settings, cucumber sandwiches, scones with lemon curd and cream and much more.  

Since I arrived early as usual (it's a curse, lol), some of the tea food was not yet plated.  The three tier tray later held an assortment of mini cheesecakes.  The chicken salad sandwiches were delicious, as was the pimento cheese.  There were digestive biscuits, which I haven't had in years, and an assortment of scones and cookies. 

This was my place setting.  One of the ladies had an extensive collection of teacups that she had inherited, so each setting was different.  There was a fresh flower at each place and a scroll with the teacup story.  Each one had a teabag and a tiny cup and saucer tied on with ribbon.  

The tea selection included chai with cardamom and ginger, blueberry tea, and peach tea, as well as lemonade and other cold drinks for the non tea drinkers. 

The video presentation by Joyce Meyer was on overcoming fear and anxiety.  Seemed like it was just what I needed to hear, since I struggle with a driving phobia.  

It was certainly a pleasant way to spend an afternoon with some lovely ladies.  



Thursday, January 10, 2019

Macaron Pillows

Macarons are one of my favorite teatime treats and I couldn't resist showing you these adorable macaron pillows.  I'm not sure my sewing skills are up to this project, but perhaps some of you would like to give it a go.  If you do, please let me know how this project turned out for you.

You can find the directions HERE on the JoAnn website.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Pesticides in Tea

I've been finding a lot of information lately on chemicals in tea. This video was published in August 2014.  It will be interesting to see what strides have been made with regard to the quality and purity of these brands.

I grew up drinking Red Rose tea in Canada.  For many years now the brands of tea bags that I buy have varied from Salada to Tetley and also many brands of loose teas.

I was happy to hear that Red Rose was the only tea mentioned in this video that is pesticide free.  Until I have done more research on the subject, I'll be switching back to Red Rose tea.  A nice perk is the little Wade figurines included in some boxes.

Some of the figurine series have become quite collectible.

The last box of Red Rose tea I purchased had this Wade figurine from the American Heritage Series  called Tea Crates.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Japanese Green Tea

These flavored green teas were developed with a year of research and collaboration with Japanese high school students from Shizuoka Commercial High School.  They are 100% made in Japan.

I tried the green tea with Japanese orange Mikan (also known as Citrus unshiu, Japanese Citrus or satsuma mandarin.  

This tea is grown by the ancient Chagusaba method.  It's a method where grasslands are grown around the tea field and supply mulch for the shrubs.

It is easy to prepare with no teapot required.  You simply add the powder into hot or cold water.  It was delicious hot and I think that it will also be great added to cold water in a thermos bottle to take to Zumba class.

You can order some for yourself here.  

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Zhena's Fig & Flower green tea

At my local Publix recently, I noticed some teas on the clearance table.  I saw the Zhena's tea in the little glass jar with an attached wooden spoon.  I'm usually drawn more to black teas, but I thought the Fig & Flower blend sounded interesting and the price was right ($4.50 for 2 ounces or 25 servings). 

I was happy to see that this tea is organic and fair trade

The green tea is blended with green apple, figs and cornflowers.  It has a lovely fragrance and appearance.

It was odd that the jar said use two teaspoons of tea in 8 ounces of boiling water.  I'd always thought that you brewed green tea at temperatures between 165-185 degrees.  I steeped it at 165 for about two and a half minutes. 

I found the tea to have a faintly fruity, subtly sweet flavor that was pleasantly soothing.  This tea has low caffeine (20mg) and will be nice to have on hand for a late afternoon cuppa, when I don't need the high caffeine in the robust black tea that I drink in the morning.

Have any of you tried one of the many flavors of Zhena's Gypsy Teas. 

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Calla Lilly cake

It is taking me a long time to go through my massive book and magazine collection and decide which titles to sell and which to keep.  The problem is that something on the cover will catch my eye and then I just have to take a peek inside.  That's what happened with this Hoffman magazine from 2012 "Celebrating Cakes". 

Calla lilies have always been my favorite flower, so I found this bridal cake to be quite lovely.  Maybe I'll pass the magazine along to my younger daughter who is a talented baker.  One never knows, she might bake it for one of my birthday or anniversary celebrations. 

At this rate it could take a while to finish the sorting.   ;-)

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