Thursday, October 29, 2009

100 Years of Royal Albert Teacups

How could I have missed this wonderful collection of teacups based on Royal Albert patterns over the span of 100 years?

RA-beauty-1 Each set of five cups and saucers is presented in a beautiful hatbox.

RA-beauty-2 The teacups and saucers are fine bone china with gold banding.  To read the history of each individual cup you can visit Royal Doulton

These sets have been added to my wish list, although they are rather expensive even at the special price of $129.99.  Then there is the problem of finding them in stock anywhere.

I did notice that Amazon is selling the l00 Years of Royal Albert brooches.  The lovely cup that represents a pattern that came out in my birth year is also added to my list.

Royal Abert brooch  I’m curious to know what my tea enthusiast friends have added to their Christmas wish lists. 

Monday, October 26, 2009

Gooseberry Patch Christmas

I’ve been enjoying a new Christmas magazine by Gooseberry Patch.  PA260987 The first recipe I tried was Slow Cooker Chocolate Pudding Cake.  A great dessert to make when you need the oven free for a turkey, or a ham, etc.  It was very rich and delicious.

PA260972 Next was Grandma’s Date-Nut Bread, which can be made in three small loaf pans (great for giving).  The bread turned out very moist and nutty.  I used walnuts and I think next time I’ll use only one cup instead of two and maybe substitute raisins.  I like nuts, but don’t want them to overpower the dates and other flavors. 

PA260975 There were ideas for tea gifts and crafts as well.  This mint tea would make a nice gift packaged with a little tea for one pot.

PA260974 Making a tea cozy from an old sweater is not something I would have thought of, but it is cute and could easily be customized. 

PA260977 There are several more recipes that I plan to try.  These little spiced  applesauce cakes look delicious. 

PA260976 How about easy microwave candy for quick gifts?

PA260973The $10.99 price tag is a little steep, but I think that this magazine will be used for many years.  It’s fun to pull out a big stack of these Christmas books and magazines each year and select a few new recipes and crafts to try.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Pumpkin & Spice fabric giveaway

Brenda of Pumpkin Patch Primitive Quilt Shoppe  is having a Happy Halloween giveaway.  The fat quarter bundle prize is a primitive lover’s dream.

primitive fabric giveaway

This great fabric line includes sunflowers, pumpkins, checks, stripes and more.


Thanks Brenda for this fabulous giveaway. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Artist Tea Card fun

My cards have been mailed to my first ATC swap partner.  I have never made these cards before, but it could prove to be a lot of fun.

PA200974 First I tried paper tape.

PA200975 Then I found a couple of stamps to play with.

PA200976This card has metallic paint and stamping on plastic.

PA200977This card featured raised stickers and a faux wax seal.

Today I checked out a library book called “Altered Art For The First Time” by Madeline Arendt.  I’m hoping this book will be helpful, with lots of tips and techniques to use on my A Tea C’s.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Avengers: Sunday For Tea

What fun to come across this video of The  Avengers series.  I remember enjoying this show in the 60’s.  Diana Rigg as Emma Peel was such an attractive woman and I loved seeing all her avant-garde outfits.  Patrick Macnee as John Steed was always dashing in his bowler hat.  Back then I never noticed how often they enjoyed tea during their adventures.  The song by Peter and Gordon that accompanies this video is quite cute.  You might remember their hits A World Without Love and I Go To Pieces.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Perfect Afternoon

A cup of tea


A quiet nook
A cookie and
A picture book P9250920

A lump of sugar
On my spoon -sugar cube on spoon Now that’s a
Perfect afternoon.

- Eileen Spinelli

Friday, October 16, 2009

Pretty Pink Giveaway

This lovely handmade bracelet is part of a giveaway by Gwendolyn at A Charming Home blog.  It is handmade and so feminine and pretty.  There are more surprises to be added before the draw, so use the link to pop over for a visit and enter her giveaway.

I’m thankful to all the bloggers who are posting about Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  I lost my Mom and favorite Aunt (her sister) to the disease and I’m at high risk myself.  So, do what you can to protect yourself  by keeping up with your mammograms and checkups.  It means a lot to your loved ones.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


A recent post at Uniquely Tea  showing a nippy Halloween costume really peaked my interest.  A nippy was a specific type of waitress associated with the J. Lyons & Co. brand tea.  They acquired the name because of their quick and nimble motions (nipping between and around crowded tables).  They wore very distinctive uniforms that looked like maids of that period, with white aprons and hats.   You will find lots of interesting information, photos of nippies and products using this advertising icon here.

At one time a rumor was circulating that Margaret Thatcher was once a nippy.  Turns out that Ms. Thatcher was employed by J. Lyons & Co. for a brief period in the l940s as a research chemist in their lab, but was never a nippy.

I also learned that in 1930 the nippy concept was adapted into a musical comedy called Nippy.  The music was written by Billy Mayerl .  Here is a cute video of a song from Nippy the musical that I found on You Tube.    

It was great that the nippy image was one of a wholesome and proper young lady.  J. Lyons had strict standards of cleanliness for their nippies uniforms and prior to World War II they would not hire married women as nippies.

Lastly, I really liked the attire of the young ladies who served tea at Holly Cottage Tearoom in Newnan.  P9020800


Friday, October 9, 2009

Pretty Hats

     Under every great hat is a great woman.
                                  - Susan Branch

A ladies hat is a very noticeable fashion accessory.  Many women feel too shy or intimidated to wear a hat, since it draws such attention to her face.  Not many ladies wear a hat these days, even to a wedding or worship service. 

Personally, I enjoy wearing hats and also looking at gorgeous hats, such as those worn at the Kentucky Derby or the Royal Ascot races.  Then there are many ladies of a certain age who like to wear red hats (I have several of those).

One of the most fun hats I’ve worn was one that I put together for a dress up Titanic Tea that I attended a while back.   I started with a very large wide brimmed hat, then I added a huge striped fabric bow, ostrich plumes, a vintage brooch, etc.

PA090958 A tea room is one of the few places that most women would feel comfortable wearing a hat.  It’s fun and even encouraged in those tea rooms that cater to a mostly female clientele.  These tea rooms feature many hats used as part of the decor, that are also there to be worn by any guest so inclined.

A quote about hats that I quite like is by Philip Somerville who said “A hat gives you panache, another look at life – it can change a personality.”  I’m curious – do you wear hats?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Lotus Teapot from The Hunger Site

While leafing through Your Good House, a supplement to Good Housekeeping magazine, I came across this teapot in their shopping guide.  I like both the colors and design and better yet, how the purchase of this teapot can provide staple food for the hungry.  

lotus teapot It is available on The Hunger Site.  This company will donate 25 cups of food for every teapot sold.  They also have lots of other tea related items.  There are lovely wood tea caddies, bulk packaged gourmet teas, pretty ceramic cups, interesting teapots and travel mugs, etc.

The Hunger Site was founded to meet a specific humanitarian need: the eradication of world hunger.


Monday, October 5, 2009

Teatime Metal Sculpts

As I was leaving my subdivision on Saturday to do some errands, I spotted a yard sale sign.  I thought, why not check it out.  I’m glad I did because I found a couple of tea theme items, as well as a lovely Princess crystal footed bowl, Charles Swindoll book, feather shaped brooch, shells, etc.


The box said they were by Michael Alan Designs, A Division of Intercontinental Art, Inc and the tag was from Garden Ridge.



These will probably be used to adorn a wall in my sunroom.  There was also a cute little stick pin that was made by Avon.


Another great item I snapped up was a black metal three tier stand that can hold dinner size plates, or even larger platters.  It will come in handy for those large tea parties or holiday entertaining.

Now for the best part – all these items cost me under $10.


Friday, October 2, 2009

Tetley Tea Canada

My eldest brother and sister-in-law remembered that I drank Tetley Tea every day when I lived in Canada.  When they drove down for our 30th anniversary party they brought me a huge box of Tetley Tea.

PA020975 Two hundred and sixteen bags – that should do me for a while.

PA020978 I don’t know if you can read this easily, but I love their description of tea enjoyment.  They’re right that “For mind, body and soul, there’s nothing quite like it.”  You’ll notice that any product purchased in Canada will have the product info in both English and French on the package.

PA020971 I thought it was interesting that they show tea and green tea as both having 34 mg of caffeine per 6 oz cup.

PA020979They make their tea bags round, with 2000 perforations for full flavor. 

The company introduced a new product in Canada that I would really like to try.  It’s called Tetley Infusions and is a liquid tea mix.  They say “It’s tea, reimagined.”  It dissolves instantly in water and has all the pure and natural benefits of tea in individual serving packets. 

Check out their interesting website here.  Now I’m off to enjoy another cup of Tetley Orange Pekoe. 

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Paula Deen gift teapot

The popularity of this Southern cook has really taken off in the last few years.  I have purchased her magazines and watched her two television  shows, and now I have added a Paula Deen teapot to my collection.  A friend was kind enough to include this special gift (just for me) with their gift card.

PA010964 Well, actually it’s a tea for one set.  It is very bright and pretty, with the flowers and a cute little leaf handle on the lid.


We received several restaurant gift cards, which is a real treat for us since we don’t eat out often.  We were also gifted with some nice picture frames.


This couple knew that the 30th anniversary is pearl.  The frame has pretty pearl and diamond accents on the corners.


Of course I lifted a cup of London Cuppa at the party with some of my lovely Red Hat friends.


What fun!  Now I’ll have to wait ten years for the big ruby anniversary celebration, or maybe I should just celebrate every year married as the special milestone it is. 

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