Thursday, October 29, 2009

100 Years of Royal Albert Teacups

How could I have missed this wonderful collection of teacups based on Royal Albert patterns over the span of 100 years?

RA-beauty-1 Each set of five cups and saucers is presented in a beautiful hatbox.

RA-beauty-2 The teacups and saucers are fine bone china with gold banding.  To read the history of each individual cup you can visit Royal Doulton

These sets have been added to my wish list, although they are rather expensive even at the special price of $129.99.  Then there is the problem of finding them in stock anywhere.

I did notice that Amazon is selling the l00 Years of Royal Albert brooches.  The lovely cup that represents a pattern that came out in my birth year is also added to my list.

Royal Abert brooch  I’m curious to know what my tea enthusiast friends have added to their Christmas wish lists. 


Tea for Today said...

A huge selection of tea samples.
A violet teapot, now that I have 4 violet cups and saucers.
A quite large teapot that is pretty, pours like a lady and neither spits nor drips.

Anonymous said...

That's pretty pricey. I recently bought a couple sterling silver cups and didn't pay that much because I got them used but not antiques. But of course only the best for me for tea, that's my motto, and I will always consider buying the expensive stuff. --Spirituality of Tea

Marilyn Miller said...

The cups and brooch are beautiful. No tea things on my list, my cupboards are full. Maybe just some very nice tea or tea scented candles.

Southern Touch Catering said...

My tea wish list- still longing for the perfect Pink Tea Pot. I think that Angela at Tea with Friends has the prettiest one I've seen yet.

Mary said...

Oh, aren't those beautiful! They're on my wish list too, and Christmas is just around the corner...we might get lucky! A friend of mine has them all, plus the salad plates, and two of the teapots. The teapot that is the aqua polka dot came from Australia...she paid over $100 for shipping! I don't want them that bad...not yet, anyway!

Have a great Friday and week-end!


Ginger said...

I've been eying the 100 years teacups but they are too expensive for me. Maybe we will luck up and find them 5 years from now at TJ Maxx. :-)

Steph said...

The polka dots are my favorite, and I've been sorely tempted, but I'm put a STOP to any new tea sets for myself. I'm out of room!

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

I haven't started a list yet. I have too many tea cups and tea pots so I don't buy anymore!

I haven't known about the Royal Albert 100 years tea cups till now. They are really pretty!


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