Saturday, June 13, 2009

Book Bonanza

Sometimes not sleeping well can have its rewards. I awoke early this morning and decided that I would check out a local community yard sale. This subdivision had half a dozen houses that were participating in the sale. However, I came away empty handed and so I drove around a little to look for new prospects. After several more duds, I turned into yet another subdivision with a yard sale for one final try.

Well, for a book lover like me, it was the mother lode. A media specialist from a local elementary school was selling thousands of children’s books. What an opportunity to update my grandsons library.


I was able to buy a total of 64 like new books on a wide range of subjects for just $l6. I must admit that I am planning on reading many of them (history and science) myself.


Here is one that I plan to use right away. It is a terrific cookbook divided up by Countries and what their food specialties are, including recipes, food tips, interesting facts and great photos.


There is a simple scone recipe in the England section which I will be trying. I also plan to make good use of the internet link which ties in with this book.

Now, if only I could find a yard sale with loads of teapots or cups and saucers. Maybe next time.


James Oh said...

64 books cost you 16 dollars - real cheap and I have not come close to that bargain.

Look forward to hearing some good story from your books.

So, do enjoy reading these books

Hootie said...

What a nice find!

I'll admit, I too am a book lover! Every time I head to our local library I have to go to a special room run by Friends of the Library to look over the used books.

Plus, it's always fun to find books to share with others - especially kids! :)

Rosemary said...

Great find! Love the international cookbook.. particularly the page on England.

Angela McRae said...

Boy, you really hit the jackpot, Maureen! Congrats!

Marilyn Miller said...

What a find! I love finding deals on books too. Recently found 3 for $1. and I thought that was a good deal; but 64 for $16 is amazing. Enjoy!

Linda J. said...

Wow! What a deal!

Mia said...

Oh, what a find! I am always looking for book piles at yard sales and flea markets, and I also buy children´s books (and read them myself too!). Your grandson will be so happy!

Sunshine from Finland!

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