Friday, August 26, 2011

Canada Teapots and Summer Bargains

Although I didn’t buy any cups or teapots in Canada, I added two teapots to my collection.


My sister-in-law found this little collectible Tetley teapot for me at a yard sale.  It was a Tetley Tea promotional item in Canada and was available by sending in product UPC’s.  I remember seeing this a while back, but wasn’t able to order it from the USA.


Since I already had a Tetley Teapot and a collectors tin, I now have a collection.


The tin has a lot of interesting teapots pictured with dates.



The other teapot that I brought back from my trip was one that had belonged to my favorite Aunt, Betty.  My uncle said he wanted me to have this tea for one set.


This “Strawberries” pattern has been discontinued for a while.

My summer bargains were all found at Belk.  This is my favorite department store.  I buy most of my clothes there when they have their red line clearance sales.  This weekend they are having an additional 50% off the clearance price sale.  I was able to purchase four items for my Grandson, six tops (two evening) for my daughter-in-law and five items for myself including a lovely pair of Life Stride dress sandals for the bargain price of less than $100.  That was a saving of $366.8l – wow!

Of course I came home ravenous and made a quick lunch – chicken salad on whole wheat with lettuce and tomato, homemade sweet pickles, grapes, arrowroot biscuits and Earl Grey tea.


The Arrowroot biscuits also came from Canada.  They are my favorite cookie to enjoy with a cup of tea – not too sweet.  Of course they must be dunked in the hot tea for maximum enjoyment.


There doesn’t seem to be a similar cookie available in Georgia.  Maybe I’ll have to ask relatives to ship them to me.


You can find these biscuits online here.


Snap said...

Love your collection of Tetley teapots ... fun! The tea for one is very different ... I like it. It's always fun to shop! Sounds like you got some wonderful deals.

Darlene - The Tea Enthusiast's Scrapbook said...

What a beautiful Tetley collection! I love how the teapots coordinate with the tin. I have an old Tetley tea tin, but it doesn't hold a candle to your goregous tin. The teapot pattern is beautiful.

My friend actually went to Canada recently and brought me back several President's Choice teas. I haven't tried them yet. Are you familiar with their brand of teas? I think I need to add a trip to Canada on my wish list. I was recently reading about a great tea community there.

Have a great weekend. We're bracing for hurricane Irene!

Blessings, Darlene

Angela McRae said...

I just love your collection of Tetley Tea logo items! And I didn't realize Royal Worcester had tea-for-one sets. I'm glad your uncle wanted you to have that set!

Marilyn said...

Just love your Tetley collection. The little biscuits look good too.

Joy said...

Love the Tetley collection, and your great shopping!

Marlena said...

I too love arrowroot bisquits. Nabisco used to make them, but not more. Sometimes a grocery store will have what I think of as bisquits - not so sweet and then I grab them. I love your tetleys - good for all those tiny little tea leaves!

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