Thursday, June 3, 2010

Teacup Crafts

There was a lovely idea in my Tea Calendar recently for decorating your tea table using pretty teacups.  I have seen flowers arranged in teacups before, but not as a centerpiece.  Float a single flower in each teacup and arrange a grouping (varying the height) as your centerpiece.  You could also use a teacup as a base for a silk flower arrangement.

Teacups make pretty containers for votives, floating candles or homemade candles. 

teacup candles

There are instructions for making your own thrifty candles using wax from burned down candles and odd teacups here at the Martha Stewart website. 


Many of you have teacups that have been transformed into pin cushions for the sewing room.  This is a cute crafTea gift idea for your sewing and quilting friends.

chocolates in a teacupFor pure indulgence, wouldn’t a teacup filled with sweets be appealing at your next tea party?

I’ve seen little lamps made with teacups or sugar bowls.  Teacups can be used to make a birdfeeder, to hold pretty soaps in the bathroom or an assortment of teabags near the kettle.  They make great planters for miniature violets or herbs in the kitchen or sunroom.  Display thread or button cards in the sewing room in them and so much more.

I’ll be on the lookout for teacups (with or without saucers) at yard sales and thrift stores over the summer.  How about you – what do you use teacups for, other than tea?   I’d love some new ideas.




Val said...

My mother-in-law uses a saucer as a soap dish in her bathroom. I love your idea for the centerpiece with the floating flowers. How clever!

Bernideen said...

YES these are all darling!

racheld said...

Sweet, indeed.

I just keep checking back, for neither my "favorites" counter on my own blog, nor the list on Friendship Tea will show that you have recently posted.

Anyone remember when it was just NOT DONE to light candles in the afternoon? I think your assortment would be simply charming amongst the tea service and trays.

Angela McRae said...

A small teacup I have serves as a business card holder. Another teacup is in my bathroom and serves as an "earring organizer." (If you have earrings with wire hooks, drape them over the rim and they line up so prettily.) Several teacups in my dining room hold miniature, or "teacup," African violets. I really like these teacup candles you show!

Appleshoe said...

Hello- If you have any cracked or broken teacups they can be re-purposed by cutting them in half (a wet saw works). You can make wall pockets by gluing half of a teacup to its saucer with epoxy and then mount it to the wall with a plate wall hanger; or turn them into nightlights buy soldering half of a teacup onto a nightlight. Take care.

Marilyn said...

Love the tea candles and pin cushion, but those chocolates sitting in the cup look divine.

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