Friday, June 4, 2010

Tea For One

My teapot collection includes only a couple of tea for one sets. 


This set has special meaning for me.  It was given to me by my eldest brother on one of his visits.  He picked it up in an antique store they stopped at on the drive down from Canada.  His wife told me that as soon as he saw it, he decided that he wanted to buy it for me.  He is not a tea enthusiast or collector himself, but he just knew that it was something I’d love.


Isn’t the cup pretty, with its little feet and lovely pastoral scene – see the little cottage.  There are also cows, sheep and a shepherdess.

P6031604The teapot looks a little top heavy when resting on the cup, but it has a large base that fits into the cup quite securely. 


The china mark is interesting with the lions, crown, flags and shield.  The faces on the lions look like they have human features.  So far I have not been able to identify the maker.  Maybe this piece is what is known as flow china – what do you think?

P6041611My other set is a contemporary piece with a pretty garden inspired design called On The Veranda by Paula Deen.

P6041615  I read recently that if you have a collection of Tea For Ones, each of your guests at a tea party could use a set and have their choice of tea.  That would certainly be easier than making several large pots.



Steph said...

How lovely! The blue one is especially nice b/c the cup doesn't look giant. I have a few tea-for-one sets, but the cup is far too large - the tea cools too quickly!

Concetta said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog today ~ Concetta's Cafe! I have enjoyed coming over to your site as well! I love your teapot with the adorable feet - they are my favorite kinds - especially teacups with feet! I have several one-cup pots and you are right about everyone at your tea party having their own little special pot! Please stop by again and have tea with me!
<>< Concetta

Shelia said...

That is one beautiful tea for one set! I've never seen anything like this. The cup is so beautiful too!
I have a couple of these little sets and think they're just precious.
I like the idea of a tea party with these too.
Enjoy your little one. It's a wonderful feeling, isn't it?
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Susan said...

I fell in love with the pastoral scene teapot ! Wish it had plates !

Marilyn said...

How special to receive that gift from your brother. What a special treasure.

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Beautiful tea pots for one! Love the blue one! I haven't seen Paula's.

I love the Tea For One sets, but have never used any of mine, the cups are usually so big, the tea cools off too fast!


P.S. - Did you seen the post on the tea mug I bought at The Grand Floridian?

Stella said...

I have always been especially fond of teacups with feet. The blue one of yours is just beautiful. What a thoughtful brother you have.

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