Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Zumba Fun

I enjoy my visits to the gym, especially the way I feel after a good workout on the treadmill and the weight machines, but I wouldn’t exactly call it fun.  Zumba, though, really is fun.  A terrific workout and a dance party, all rolled into one.  The Zumba dance instructor, Andrea,  is really good at choosing the music and putting together a great dance routine.  She is also a certified personal trainer, with a terrific upbeat personality. 


The first time I looked at a class schedule for my gym, I thought, what’s Zumba.  Oh right, it’s that Latin dance fitness workout.  Sounds interesting, but I’m probably too old for that.  So I looked it up on You Tube and decided that it was something that I’d like to try.       

This video from the Today Show dates from 2007 and Zumba was already wildly popular.  It was started in 2001 by Beto Perez and now there are Zumba studios popping up all over the nation.

By the way, I’m not the only older lady in the class.  That’s the great thing about Zumba, it’s for all ages.  So, if you’ve tried it, I’d love to hear what you think – if you haven’t,  what are you waiting for?   Find a class near you at the Zumba website here.  



Marilyn said...

This sounds so fun! I think I would love it too. Now I will have to check out classes.

Lisa Leggett said...

It does indees sounds like fun! I have a couple of friends that do Zumba regularly. I wish there was a place to take these kinds of classes close to me :o(

Until then, I LOVE jazzercise, it's terrific and upbeat. They do a great job of keeping the routines fresh and the music brandspanking new.

Thanks for sharing this side of yourself!

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