Friday, March 5, 2010

Favorite Old Magazine and Recipes

Do you have a favorite old magazine that you use often and keep repairing because you can’t part with it?  That’s how I feel about my December 3, 1984 issue of Canadian Living.  This was a jam packed issue with 235 pages and sold for $1.79.


There are some great sections like the Royal Visit Souvenir, craft features like Frobisher polar bear and handknits for Cabbage Patch dolls. Here’s one I should reread – You’re Not Getting Older, You’re Getting Fitter!  But my favorite is Grandma’s Cookbook – favorite family recipes.  The historical notes from the contributors are so interesting.  I have made the Carrot Pudding (a steamed Christmas pudding), Aunt Maggie’s Muffins and others over and over.

I needed something in a hurry to take to an event this evening, so I once again prepared Aunt Maggie’s Muffins.  They always come out so moist and flavorful.  The secret is simmering the dates and raisins in water before adding them to the batter.


I used a mixture of several kinds of raisins with the dates.


It doesn’t take long to prepare a batch of Aunt Maggie’s muffins from this old Scottish family recipe.


Of course, since these are old Canadian recipes, there is a recipe for scones included.


 Canadian Living magazine is still being published.  You can check it out online here.  If anyone has any hints on how to preserve old magazines, I’d love to hear them.


Southern Touch Catering said...

I too keep magazines FOREVER. But I don't think I've held on to one for that many years. LOL! They are so fun to go back and look at aren't they.

Lisa Leggett said...

I also keep some magazines forever. Mostly it's Martha Stewart Living, and Tea Time, but there have been others too. They're a wealth of knowledge! Your Canadian Living from 1984 must really be a keeper! The Cabbage Patch headline really grabbed my attention, I got one for Christmas that year, I was 10 years old. The muffins look great.

Thanks for your comments on my skies and dogs pictures. I promise I was being safe when I snapped them. I didn't even take my eyes off of the road, I just stuck my arm out the window and snapped. Hehehe... Have a great weekend!

Angela McRae said...

Your muffins look perfectly delicious! And if you could see my craft room ... I have wayyyy too many magazines, but so many of them I just can't bear to part with (like those 177 issues of the original Victoria). Plus needlework magazines, noteworthy news magazines, a whole bunch of Christmas magazines ... sigh!

Marlena said...

I keep Gourmets from Thanksgiving and Christmas forever!

Marilyn said...

The muffin recipe sounds delicious. I love dates and raisins in muffins. No tip on preserving magazines. I probably would put them in plastic sleeves in a binder with my other recipes.

Susan said...

I was just complaining the other day about magazines being thin and costing 5 dollars ! love old mags !

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

I have a few magazines that I can't bear to throw away (Southern Lady, Tea Time, etc.) They are really stacking up now too!

Some of my cookbooks are really old and worn, but I still like to use them!

I've been baking this afternoon, I like to bake on chilly days! I'm experimenting with whole wheat flour recipes, and having pretty good luck.



Fábio Carvalho said...

I´ve just sent you an image by email, but I thougth that you could be afraid of opening it once you don´t know me or my email. So I´ve posted it on a server, so you can open it on your browser and save it to you.

It´s an old magazine cover, with a drawing representing Shirley Temple having tea with Santa CLaus.


Hootie said...

I have a bunch of old Cross Stitch mags. I haven't really done any cross stitch projects in several years, but I can't part with these treasures!

I think I enjoy looking back at the ads most of all! :)

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