Wednesday, April 15, 2009

There’s Always Time For Tea

This is a busy time for most of us and I’m no exception.  My youngest brother, whom I haven’t seen for a couple of years, called to tell me that he, his wife, new baby Tess and their dog are taking a road trip from Toronto area and plan on dropping in on their way to Savannah.  Now how do I clean and organize 35 years of accumulated household goods in less than a week?  I’m a tad behind with clutter organization, spring cleaning, etc.

Well, as a friend pointed out – they just want to see us and don’t care if our home isn’t House Beautiful worthy.  Sadly, my computer time will be limited over the next week or so.  I’ll leave you with a little poem that spoke to me, as I rushed around cleaning up after my grandsons, chauffeuring them to school and back, helping with homework, etc.

       The Long View!

Some day of days! Some dawning yet to be

I shall be clothed with immortality!

And in that day, I shall not greatly care

That Jane spilt candle grease upon the stair,

It will not grieve me then as once it did,

That careless hands have chipped my teapot lid.

I groan, being burdened.  But in that glad day,

I shall forget vexations of the way.

That needs were often great, when means were small,

Will not perplex me any more at all.

A few short years at most (it may be less),

I shall have done with earthly storm and stress.

So, for this day, I lay me at Thy feet,

O, keep me sweet, my Master, keep me sweet!

- Fay Inchfawm

So now I’m going to tell myself – Don’t Panic! – and sit down to a nice cup of tea while I plan my cooking and cleaning strategy.

Hope you have a beautiful, busy day.


Southern Touch Catering said...

Truer words were never spoken. My grand daughter is on my lap as I type- she is rummaging through my desk top "Playing Office Nana!" uuuuuuuucjfjggjgjgggovgojpjjgjgjogpfcp(love samantha)

Steph said...

I've been practicing loving the imperfect in my house...and remembering that some of the coolest houses I've been in have been the ones where I've felt comfortable b/c I was knee-deep in someone else's project passion. :-)

Enjoy the family time!

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