Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Vintage Tea Party

Vintage Tea Party by Carolyn Caldicott was one of the “tea” gifts I received at Christmas.  This book contains lots of information on the history of tea, teatime food and drinks and tea parties.


The gorgeous photos alone are enough to tempt any tea enthusiast to add a copy to their library.  There are wonderful shots of teatime foods, tea ware, beautiful English gardens, quaint thatched roof cottages and seaside villages.


There are hints on where to find the vintage look and how to cheat in style for the non baker or time challenged cook.


This book covers lots of interesting subjects like the history of the tearoom, choosing tea, brewing tea, the history of the sandwich, and much more.


Included are more than a few recipes that I’d like to try.  Raspberry Millefeuilles, Potted Salmon, and Butterfly Cakes with Vanilla Cream for a start.



I’m so happy that my daughter gifted me with this new addition to my “tea” library.


Linda @ Friendship Tea said...

I have this book, but was busy at the time I got it. I need to go back and look at it again. Thanks for sharing.

Angela McRae said...

I have this book but haven't looked at it in a while -- so I love seeing it through your eyes as a reminder to go check it out again!

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

I may have to add this tea book to my collection. The butterfly cakes are sweet and I remember potted salmon available in the grocery store years ago.

Marilyn said...

This is one on my Wish List and I think I must get it.

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