Sunday, July 31, 2011

Back to Georgia

It was an interesting trip home on Thursday.  From rising at 5:10, then travelling to the Fire and Rescue Station in Vaughan and then to Buffalo airport where I boarded a delayed flight to Atlanta and finally arrived home at 5:30 p.m.  At least it gave me lots of time to visit with my youngest brother, who drove me from the Fire Station to the airport.  He is acting Platoon Chief in Vaughan, Ontario.


That’s him on the left.  My eldest brother (also in photo) is a retired captain in the Toronto Fire Department.  As you can see, I’m a short little thing compared to these guys (and I was wearing heels).  My middle brother and his wife hosted a cookout for me in Toronto.


It was lovely to see my brothers, my sister and her daughter, as well as their partners, and other relations.  My nephew got engaged to a great girl the day before I arrived and I was able to get to know her too.  I must say, though, that the stay at the lake house was the most relaxing part of the trip.


You can see the balcony for my room on the upper far left.  All the rooms have terrific views of the lake.  The water was quite warm for this spring fed lake in Northern Ontario.  I was introduced to what they all call “floating”.  Just go boating to the middle of the lake and tie up to the other boats floating out there.  Then you can just socialize, or dive off the boats when you feel like a swim.  The long time residents there are a friendly group.


My sister-in-law spent a lot of time grooming their two Samoyed dogs Morris and Shania.  The female (being brushed in the photo) seemed to be taking a lot longer than her brother to shed her winter coat.


Of course the “cottage” as they call it, has all the comforts of a luxury home.  The kitchen island has an indoor grill and there is beautiful oak furniture and cupboards.



There is a definite wildlife theme, with moose, bears, wolves, loons, etc. on every available surface.


I’m hoping that a visit to the cottage will become a yearly trip.


There is so much catching up to do and my grandsons start back to school tomorrow.  I have some pretty teacups and teapots to show you from my sister-in-law’s china cabinet.  Then there was the trip to The Old Curiosity Tea Shop.  Also, a couple of new teas to review and a tea book that I purchased.  I hope to visit my favorite blog friends soon.


Ginger said...

Glad you had a nice trip. Can't wait to hear about the rest.

Linda J. said...

Welcome home! I am so glad you had a nice trip. The lake is beautiful!

Angela McRae said...

So glad to hear you had a nice visit and made it back safe and sound! That lakehouse looks wonderful -- and I could use a trip to one after my summer full of deadlines! Now I'm looking forward to the tea news you have to share in the days ahead!

Lavender Cottage said...

Hi, I'm visiting from Trisha at Sweetology. That is some cottage you stayed in, all the comforts of home.
Small world sometimes, my husband is a retired Toronto Fire Dept. captain - he retired last year. Wonder if he knows your brother? We should chat by email.
I'll become a follower as soon as I comment.

Marilyn said...

A lovely trip. Oh how a yearly visit to the cottage would be totally delightful. It looks very relaxing.

Susan said...

I enjoyed your trip to Canada ! The lake, dogs, cottage, lodge look decor! The photos seemed cooler
than these sweltering 90's at home !

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