Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dirt Pie and Tea

The naming of teas is a difficult matter, It isn't just one of your everyday games- Some might think you as mad as a hatter Should you tell them each goes by several names. For starters each tea in this world must belong To the families Black or Green or Oolong; Then look more closely at these family trees- Some include Indians along with Chinese.

T.S. Eliot ~The Naming of Cats~



Last weekend we celebrated two birthdays with one family dinner.  Since both hubby and my daughter-in-law’s birthday are within one week of each other, this worked out great. 


Ever since my son was just a little boy (he’s 23 now) he’s been asking for dirt pie instead of a birthday cake.  Now my daughter-in-law has the same request.  Aren’t family traditions fun? And also on the plus side – it’s easier to bake pies.

DSCF0283For anyone who doesn’t care for chocolate (gasp!), I also baked some mini cheesecakes with fresh fruit topping (fresh raspberries or blueberries).


Now, about the tea, what would you serve with dirt pie?  My younger daughter requested Paris tea from Harney & Sons.  I’ve read that a good quality Formosa Oolong tea pairs well with chocolate.  I usually have a robust black tea with milk after most meals and don’t worry about pairing it with dessert (which is not a frequent indulgence for me lately). 

What’s your favorite dessert tea? 


Darlene - The Tea Enthusiast's Scrapbook said...

Works of art! My little guy would enjoy the mud pie and my hubby would love the mini cheese cakes.

A Formosa oolong would be wonderful with the cheese cakes.

Sounds like you all had a wonderful celebration. Thanks for sharing!


Ginger said...

If it's not too much trouble would you share your dirt pie recipe? I know my son would love this (he's almost 3). Thanks so much.

ginger c at gmail dot com

Linda J. said...

Harney's Paris smells a bit like chocolate to me! Love your dirt pie. I have only seen it made in a flower pot, but I think I would like the pie better.

Angela McRae said...

I have seen the little "dirt" desserts served in clay pots before but never the whole dirt pie! Great idea!

Marilyn said...

I do have Formosa Oolong and I do agree it would be lovely with the dirt pie. I wish someone would make that for me, it looks and sounds so good.

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