Saturday, January 8, 2011

The World in Your Teacup book

One of the new tea books that I’ve been enjoying lately is The World in Your Teacup by Lisa Boalt Richardson. 


Her first book Tea With A Twist was a wonderful volume on entertaining and cooking with tea.  It was divided into chapters that each featured a different theme tea party.


Ms. Richardson has a blog Lisa Knows Tea with lots of interesting content on her tea travels to Taiwan and more.

In her latest book each chapter represents a different country with their tea traditions, recipes, etc.  There are boxes highlighting cultural tips throughout the book.  One interesting fact was the explanation of “finger kowtow” in China.  This is where a guest will show gratitude to the server by tapping two or three fingers on the table three times.


The photographs are terrific as you can see by this example from the chapter on Russia.  There are delicious recipes to try such as Basil Burgers with Goat Cheese in the USA chapter.

This book is a welcome addition to my ever expanding tea library.


Ginger said...

Thanks for sharing a new book with us. The teapot in the last picture is stunning!

Anonymous said...

oooh that sounds interesting! I am adding it to my book wish list!

Marilyn said...

Lisa has done a fantastic job on both of her books.


I've been meaning to get her first book, now I'll have to add this one to the list.

LisaKnowsTea said...

Thanks for the nice review! I am glad you are enjoying my book.
Lisa Boalt Richardson

Val said...

That sounds like a very interesting book. I always find it fascinating to learn about other cultures, and how they follow traditions that are similar yet different to our own.

Marlena said...

Makes me want to run right out and get one. I love your blue and white tea pot to the right. I am keeping my eyes open for different shapes of tea pots, as I think I have round down pretty well. lol

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