Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Crown Trent Teacup

Today was a great day for new china finds.  Since I had an appointment in a part of town that I don’t often visit, I decided to stop at the area Goodwill store on my way home.  I’m so glad I did!  There were two bone china teacups just waiting there for me.

I’ll show you the Crown Trent cup today and save the Royal Albert for next week.


The teapot in the background was another find from the English company Pristine China and was a bargain at $4.94.  It will become my everyday teapot for the next little while.


This cup and saucer has such a dainty pink roses pattern.



It is fine bone china made in Staffordshire England.


Are you curious to know what I paid for this beauty?  It was what I thought was a very fair price of $5.95 (less actually with my senior discount).  I’ll take some time later to research this teacup and see if I can find the pattern name, etc.

Be sure to visit Terri and Martha for more Teacup Tuesday.


Snap said...

What a lovely find! Well done. Looking forward to seeing the other cup next week! Happy Tea Day!

Marianne C. said...

Par Tea Lady, hello,

Your tea cup is lovely...oh, I do like the pretty pink roses, and I am amazed at the price you paid for it. I can learn a lot from you fine ladies.

I'm glad I came across your blog...I did not know that Wedgwood made tea, too.

Thank you for sharing on Teacup Tuesday. Have a wonderful day,


Angela McRae said...

What great finds! Lovely pieces and at such bargain prices. Excellent!

Terri said...

Oh lucky you! Your pink roses tea cup is so very pretty, it will be lovely to drink from.
I do love your new tea pot as well.

Wanda Lee said...

Ooops!.., So sorry,

.., I have been making the rounds at long last visitng my dear tea loving fellow bloggers.., I mistakenly referred to you as the last person's name, whom I had just visited;.., 'Terri'..,

I apologize dear 'parTealady'!

Hugs, Wanda Lee

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

such a pretty teacup with lots of roses! and I think I have the same cup as yours just that mine is smaller i think! anyway, your cup still pretty! thanks for sharing! happy TT

Tara said...

Such beautiful roses! Good find!

KathyB. said...

You found some real treasures. A good deal on a teapot AND some lovely teacups.Beauty and value!

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

What a beautiful tea cup with such lovely roses!!


Marlena said...

Yay for you - lovely finds.

Marilyn said...

What treasures you did find. The teacup is very pretty and such a good price, but I love the simple green teapot too. That would be just the kind of teapot I use in the mornings for tea.

Linda J. said...

Great finds! The teacup is very pretty.

Martha said...

What a pretty tea cup and what a great price!

Lady Katherine said...

Love your teacups and loved seeing the tea! What a great price you got!

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