Monday, December 8, 2014

Cross-stitch Christmas Cards

I’m not the only one in the family who is behind schedule on preparations for Christmas.  Hubby is still working on his cross-stitch Christmas cards for this year.

This is a sampling of what he’s been working on.


He stitches them on aida paper, instead of traditional cloth.


Then he mounts them in Christmas cards that have the opening precut (for displaying photos).


He has been doing this for many years now.  One old friend, who has been receiving his cards from the beginning, displays them all on her mantle each Christmas.


Hope I can get the cards going to Canada mailed out soon.  ☺  How about you – do you send any hand made cards? 


Marilyn said...

Thanks, Maureen, for visiting me earlier today.

How I love seeing your husbands creativity. They are each just wonderful. He is a keeper. The closest I get to handmade cards is sending a picture to VistaPrint and having them make the cards for me, which I do enjoy doing.

Joy said...

Those are treasures!

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