Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Traditions

At this time of year, we all seem to pull out certain special recipes that are made each Christmas.  One of my favorites is steamed pudding.  I’ve been making the same recipe for thirty years.  My mom always made the pudding with hard sauce (dark rum) at Christmas and it’s a holiday favorite with the family.


As well as the usual raisins, currants and spices, my recipe includes grated carrots and potato (an old English recipe)  I know that sounds weird, but it truly is delicious.  It also has chopped suet in the mix – try explaining that to someone in a grocery store in Georgia.  The first time I tried to find suet in the South, the meat manager gave me a strange look and inquired did I know what suet was. ☺

See those gold and red crackers behind the pudding? – another tradition that I brought with me from Canada.  We always have them at Christmas and New Year’s Day dinner.  It is such fun to see everyone in their silly paper crowns and to listen to the jokes and laugh at each others funny little prizes.  My son-in-law liked this tradition so much, that now his family also has the crackers at Christmas dinner.  They are becoming more common in the South now and you can find them just about anywhere.  I buy mine at the after Christmas sales (the nicer ones, like Tom Smith brand, can be quite pricey).




Linda @ Friendship Tea said...

Merry Christmas from your Kentucky tea friend.

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

It's nice to find someone with the same traditions we have. My pudding recipe is much the same but I use butter instead of suet. The crackers were a must, and you were expected to wear your paper hat through dinner.
Merry Christmas from Ontario where there's green grass and rain coming down.

Rosemary said...

Such a beautiful Christmas pudding! We enjoy Christmas crackers before breakfast. Such fun! Hope your Christmas was merry!

Angela McRae said...

I have never had one of these steamed puddings even though I've always wanted to try one. I even have the pan -- just not the nerve to try making this!

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