Thursday, February 6, 2014

Matcha Day

The Nishio Tea Trade Association named today Matcha Day in honor of the 120th Anniversary of the founding of Nishio Tea.


You can find the website for Nishio Japanese Green Tea here.

I’ve been wanting to try using Matcha powder in recipes, especially to make a green tea latte or maybe some cookies.

Green tea How about you – what’s your favorite Matcha recipe?



Linda @ Friendship Tea said...

Yesterday's Café and Tea Room in N. KY serve gluten-free matcha muffins. Melissa and I always order those when we go there.

Angela McRae said...

I made one of those pretty checkerboard cakes with matcha one time and thought it turned out quite tasty!

Marilyn said...

No favorite recipe for matcha, but I keep telling myself I should play and cook with it. Good for you for marching forward and experimenting.

Steph said...

Roast almonds and dip in chocolate. After they dry, roll in matcha.

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