Monday, October 21, 2013


Finally, there is a word to describe the growing problem of people paying more attention to their cell phone than to other people. 

Obviously, many people find phubbing to be very annoying.  Now a small group (meeting at the Sydney University in Australia) have coined this new word and it has made its way into legitimacy by being added to the Macquarie dictionary and into common usage.

My experience with phubbing is mostly through family members, but I would now politely ask a friend or acquaintance to stop phubbing me if the need arose.  What about you - how do you deal with this 21st century phenomenon?

There is even a stop phubbing campaign that has gained a lot of media attention.


Let’s hope that phubbing has not crept into and spoiled your enjoyment of afternoon tea time.


Angela McRae said...

I did not know this word, so thank you for enlightening me! On Friday, I took myself to lunch at a place in Atlanta (wanted to go alone), and as I wrote in my journal and waited on my food, I looked around and noticed a huge number of the people were studying their cellphones instead of each other. Sad!

Marilyn said...

This word is new to me. It is always amazing to see this happen when I am out and about. Oh dear, I would hope it wouldn't happen at afternoon tea.

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