Friday, May 31, 2013

Transferware Teapot

A while back I mentioned a pattern that I admired in Just CrossStitch magazine that I asked hubby to stitch for me.


It is a lovely red transferware teapot that is the first in a six part series.  The designer of this elegant pattern is Donna Giampa.


After completing an adorable “baby's first lock of hair” keepsake piece for my daughter, hubby has begun work on my transferware teapot pattern choice.


I can see already that this will be one of my favorites - it will be gorgeous.  Then I’ll have the challenge of choosing the right frame and mat, a task my hubby always assigns to me.  A fair trade off, don’t you think?


And just in case you wanted to see the piece he did for our new granddaughter, I’ve shown a section of it above.  It is quite cute with the garland held by two birds (you can see where it has a little space in the center for the lock of hair) and the bunny wielding a pair of scissors.  It also includes her name and birth date.  Now all we need is the lock of hair.  ☺


Louise (Elsie May and Bertha) said...

Your husband is really talented. The red teapot cross-stitch is going to be gorgeous when it's finished. Don't forget to post pictures.
My Mum has a huge collection of blue and white pottery but I prefer the red myself. I am slowly building a collection of red and white transfer, mostly from charity shops. Where I have also picked up some green and brown transfer ware.

Marilyn said...

Beautiful! Your husband is a "keeper" I must say, what a talent. Arranging for the frame would be a treat for such treasures.

Angela McRae said...

Your DH amazes me! And that transferware teapot looks even more stunning in his stitchery. Can't wait to see the finished product (since you'll be framing yours when I have yet to buy the cross-stitch fabric for mine, ha!) LOVE the piece designed to contain baby's lock of hair. Sweet, sweet, sweet!

Joy said...

Wow! I bought the magazine but have not attempted to begin this teapot yet. And that "lock of hair" keepsake piece is just adorable! What a neat idea.

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