Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Tea Theme Clothing


These Tea Time pajamas are really cute and comfortable for the warmer weather.


The colors are bright and cheerful and the fabric is easy care.  You can find them at Walmart.


For those of you that shop at Sam’s Club, they have a nice skort named Green Tea Active Skort.  I picked up a pair in the knit fabric and liked them so much that I’m going back to get a pair in the other lighter weight fabric.

Green Tea Skort

These should be great for vacation.  They look like a little skirt, but with the attached shorts they’ll be comfortable for lots of activities where a skirt wouldn’t be practical.  They are available in several colors and you can find them online here.  The $13.98 price tag is nice too. 


Joy said...

I got some of those pj's last year at Walmart, love those teapots!

Marilyn said...

Very cute!

Angela McRae said...

I have some pink teapot PJ's from Wally World but not these -- I'll add these to my list now!

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