Friday, April 12, 2013

Waiting for Kaleigh

My younger daughter’s first child and my fourth grandchild is due sometime in May.  Kaleigh will round out the group to include two girls and two boys.


The baby shower was a lot of fun.  Her hubby dropped in on his work break, just in time to take part in the tummy measuring game.


We enjoyed lots of yummy dishes, but the highlight had to be the sweets. 


This adorable cake was made by her talented mother-in-law and the cupcakes by her sister-in-law.


Another diet downfall were the luscious chocolate covered strawberries and dark chocolate truffles. 


Now, it’s just a waiting game, with the thought always in the back of my mind “please don’t go into labor while we are away in Charleston”.


Marilyn said...

How exciting! Lucky you to have 2 of each. That is the most beautiful cake and cupcakes I have seen.

Barb's Tea Shop said...

Another grandchild for tea parties!! How exciting for you and the family. The shower looked wonderful.

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