Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Royal Stafford Rose Teacup

Since I don’t have any new teacups this week, I’m going to show this Royal Stafford bone china cup again.  This company was formed in 1952, in Longton, England.   It was formerly the Thomas Poole Company. 


This lovely and feminine teacup is really a little paler blue than it shows in my photo.


It has a dainty scalloped edge and a very pretty gold design.


The handle is a lovely shape (although not my favorite to hold) and the gilded foot and band is attractive.  I’d love to find a book that names the many different handle and cup shapes (please let me know if you know of a really good one).



This pattern is not easy to find online, even though it appears to be numbered 2182 or maybe 2132.  There was one offered for sale on ebay, but with no information listed for pattern name or history.


This Stash tea that I tried today was quite good.  It was fruity, but not too tart.  I liked the idea of the Matcha tea as an ingredient since it is so antioxidant rich.


It certainly brewed to a wonderful rosy color.  This tea has an interesting mix of green tea, chamomile, hibiscus flowers, orange peel, citric acid, pomegranate flavor, raspberry flavor and the Japanese Matcha. 

Please join Terri and Martha for lots more Teacup Tuesday and Sandi for Tea Time Tuesday.


Antiques And Teacups said...

Lovely! I am a real fan of Royal Stafford...some of my favorites! Haven't tried that tea yet...sounds yummy!

Willow said...

I love stash tea and what a beautiful cup to serve it in.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Your teacup is lovely! I have never had Stash tea but it looks wonderful judging by the colour of it in your cup! Thank you for your interesting post and stopping by to have tea with me. Wishing you a Happy Easter.


Jo said...

Very pretty cup and saucer but I find that sort of handle hard to hold - maybe our fingers aren't as delicate as they once were!!

I won't be trying that tea - looks lovely, but I don't like hibiscus flowers,pomegranate flavor, raspberry flavor in tea.

Have a happy Easter:)

Concetta said...

This cup is simply exquisite!

Angela McRae said...

This is indeed a beautiful and elegant teacup! I especially like the design of the gold accents. And I'm glad to hear your review of the pomegranate tea. I like that flavor but often find it too tart, so I will give this one a try.

Also, I wanted to share a link with a little info about some handle shapes:


Hope that helps!

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