Saturday, September 25, 2010

Disney Teapot and Wonderland Tea


On this trip to Orlando I only purchased one item (other than photos) to bring home.  After taking tea at the Garden View Lounge, we stopped at the lobby gift store to see if there were any new tea items.  I thought that this was an interesting teapot with its metal sleeve with “Wonderland” cutouts and the metal lid with its little cup and saucer.  The glass liner is removable, although I found it rather difficult to remove since it is a very tight fit. 

P9202113On the front you can see Alice pouring tea  for the March Hare and a teapot and teacup. 


There is a plunger type lid that you push down to trap the tea leaves after brewing.


The Mad Tea Party blend loose tea is a medium flavor strength.  The label lists Indian black tea, ginger, peach and apricot flavors.  (But no mustard – don’t let’s be silly!)  I found the tea to be quite good – much better than their Official Unbirthday tea in bags.

P9202114The gift shop had some pretty china teapots and teacups in the “Alice” theme.  I was hoping to find a new tea theme Disney trading pin, or even a Grand Floridian pin, but there haven’t been any new ones lately.  I’ll have to post about my Disney tea theme trading pins sometime.



Ginger said...

I have that same teapot. I really like it, it's different than my others and very functional. I also really like the Mad Hatter blend tea. Reminds me a bit of Lady Londery (which I probably spelled wrong). I plan to buy some more on my next trip. If there is ever a pin you want, and you are not able to get to WDW, send me an email and I'll be glad to pick it up for you if we have a trip planned. ginger c at gmail dot com

Marilyn said...

How cute! I can see where you would want to add this to your teapot collection.

Our Country Home said...

During our last trip to Downtown Disney, I did see a trading pin for the new Tim Burton's Alice movie...It was new to me, though honestly "not my cup of tea" as my daughter only collects the pins for the original Alice movie.

Actually I recently did a post featuring her Alice pins and making use of them as push pins on her notice board lol.

Glad you found a new teapot to remember your visit.


PS: thank you for stopping by my blog and enjoying my wee ones teaparty.

Celestial Charms said...

How cute is that! Very whimsical. Love it!

Angela McRae said...

Oh, I'm *so* jealous! This is absolutely adorable! Definitely the cutest of this style teapot I have ever seen. A perfect souvenir!

Teresa of Southern Touch Catering said...

I use a french press like this for my coffee. I've often thought about using it for tea. I'll have to give it a try. I do love yours.

Dawn said...

Love the Disney AIW halloween tea simply great!

Love Dawn xx

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