Monday, February 22, 2010

Truffles & Tea

Harry and David makes the most incredible “gingerbread truffle secrets” chocolates. 

P2221204 They are a smooth creamy chocolate truffle with a little bite of gingerbread cookie covered with white chocolate hidden in the center.  They are so good with a cup of hot black tea.


Thank goodness I finished the box this afternoon.  They are a seasonal item so I don’t think they have them at my local Harry and David store anymore.  I picked up my box at Marshalls as an after Christmas bargain treat.

It is rather shocking to see how much fat and calories each piece contains.  I’ve been working hard at the gym five days a week and I don’t think gingerbread truffles fit into my bone density health makeover.  But I’m secretly hoping that they will be available once again for Christmas 2010.

Speaking of the gym, I went to my Zumba class this morning.  It is such fun and surely wriggling your hips around that much must build bone density, right?  Have any of you tried this Latin dance aerobic fitness yet?  It is quickly becoming a worldwide craze, with Zumba fitness centers opening in most major cities.  It burns calories and strengthens the core, but more importantly – it’s fun.   


Marilyn said...

Zumba sounds like lots of fun. I haven't heard of it. Enjoy! And next Christmas enjoy the treat of a Harry & David truffle. I will be looking for them at the outlet mall. Maybe I will stop there on Wednesday as I am driving by.

Angela McRae said...

I have never come across any exercise I would call "fun" so I'm happy to hear of your zumba fun!

But eating truffles is always fun, and I will have to look for these next Christmas!

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Hello ~I wanted to stop by to reconnect. I've had a few absences from blogging and have lost touch with some of my friends.
Ever since winter landed on our provided us the motivation for a few indoor remodeling two homes! Which can be a bit daunting. So, I relish the breaks I get for blog visits.
I think a H&D chocolate truffle is the perfect indulgence...savored while sipping on a cuppa.
It's wonderful how sharing blog friends as yourself can be, that's why I love returning the gesture, by sharing cooking or DIY ideas too.
I hope you can stop by so we can reacquaint ourselves.

Sweet wishes,

PeggyR said...

Those look yummy! Thanks for posting on my blog!

Southern Touch Catering said...

Forget the Zumba- GIVE me those Truffles.........

Lisa Leggett said...

Those truffles look divine! Oh dear, I would have to work very hard to stay away from those.

I haven't tried Zumba, but I've dying to!! I love Jazzercise, and I'm told Zumba is a more intense dance session, but similar to Jazzercise in some ways. I'm going to have to track down a class nearby!

p.s. 5 days a week? You go girl!

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