Monday, March 30, 2009

A Good Cuppa

London Cuppa round teabags have been what I like to call my everyday tea for quite some time.  It is a fine tea containing Assam and Kenya teas blended in London, England.  It comes in boxes of teabags or in tins of loose tea.  It is a great morning tea with a rich, robust flavor and takes the addition of milk very well.   I can usually find boxes of these teabags at my local Marshalls at a good price. 



I’ve recently learned that Royal Doulton have joined London Cuppa and has the Royal Albert range of teas.  Their rose chintz tea tins are so pretty and the tea comes in many flavors, such as apricot & peach, strawberry, apple, mango, English Afternoon, green and many more.   Their website is at

So, I think I’ll grab one of my favorite cups and take a tea break right now.




Angela McRae said...

I did not know that about Royal Doulton! And I also didn't know they made a Mango tea! Must be on the lookout ... thanks for the great tea info!

Steph said...

I have one of their tins (I rescued from someone else's trash - a long story). The tin is very pretty and I will use it for flowers.

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