Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Taj Mahal tea - Cheers Your Senses

I was recently gifted with some Brooke Bond Taj Mahal  tea by one of the guys my husband works with.  He and his wife buy it at a small Indian grocery.  He told hubby that his wife prepares it with water, but he prefers half water and half milk.

It is loose orange pekoe tea from Assam.  The box contains a lot of tea - 15.8 ounces.  

The box notes that this tea "cheers your senses" and I must agree.  I made a pot for my early morning tea and found it robust, yet quite smooth.  I think I'll be enjoying this for my first pot of the day for quite some time.

This tea brews quickly and has a dark reddish liquor and pleasant aroma.  I don't make iced sweet tea often, but I think this would be excellent cold as well.  

I'm happy to have been introduced to this delicious tea.  It is available at Amazon, but if you have an Indian market nearby, you can probably find it for less than half their price. 


Marilyn Miller said...

Thanks for visiting me. I bet this tea would be delicious iced for sure.

Melissa Sparks said...

I love tasting different tea brands and this Taj Mahal tea sounds interesting, I will add this on list this love month.

Angela McRae said...

You know, I drove by a new Indian market in Peachtree City last week and wondered whether they might have had some interesting teas. This makes me think I need to go back and check it out!

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