Friday, November 13, 2015

Pretty Tea Towel and Minions


Happened to see this pretty Laura Ashley tea towel at Kohl’s recently.  The $9.99 price was a little steep, but with Kohl’s cash and a 30% discount, the check out price was a more reasonable $2.98. 

Also, I found several items for my little granddaughter who happens to love Minions.  She wanted to dress up as a Minion for Halloween, but Mom couldn’t find a costume in her size, so they did the next best thing and dressed as Minions to take her out for trick or treat. 


Kaleigh was happy with her Minnie Mouse costume.


Minion tea

This is one Minion that I can relate to, especially in the morning. 

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Marilyn Miller said...

Cute costumes! Thanks for visiting me today. I was just thinking I hadn't heard from you in a long time. Hope all is well.

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