Thursday, January 15, 2015

PUGG Teapot

The latest addition to my teapot collection is a 24 ounce Pugg teapot by Tea Forte.  I was looking for a small versatile teapot and this pretty little “Cherry Blossoms” pot seemed to be just right.


This teapot includes a stainless steel infuser basket for loose tea and an interesting removable stainless steel lid.  I read somewhere that you can take the lid off and put the ceramic pot in the dishwasher.

IMG_1575The large loop handle is great and easy to get a good grip on when pouring tea or rinsing out the pot.


I like being able to take the infuser out in the morning when I mostly use tea bags, and then replace it in the afternoon for my loose tea.  My only complaint would be how this pretty teapot pours.  It seems that whether I pour my tea quickly or slowly, the spout dribbles tea – maybe because of the unusual narrow shape. 

So, I guess I’d recommend this teapot.  You can check out the other pretty colors and patterns on the Tea Forte link above.  And for those of you who love yellow – that pot is $10 off today.  ☺


Rosemary said...

Such a pretty little pot!

Angela McRae said...

I have the Cherry Blossom infuser that matches your teapot and just love it. It's such a gorgeous pattern!

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