Friday, December 7, 2012

Sewing Seeds Christmas Party

My sewing group (the Sewing Seeds Quilting Bee) had their Christmas party last evening.  Of course the first thing we did once the six of us had assembled, was to dig in to a wonderful spread of finger foods and desserts.


There was such a large selection, it was hard to decide what to put on your plate first.


This is a sampling of the desserts.  There was also fruit, caramel popcorn and hot spiced and Tower of London teas.  My contribution was the cranberry scones with lemon curd and a pecan cheesecake pie.

We played a couple of fun Christmas word games and then we had our “stuff a mug” and drawn name gift exchange.


Emalynn had drawn my name earlier this year and boy does she know what I like.  She sewed me a lovely table topper with four matching napkins.  She even made the napkin rings decorated with greenery and little teapots and cups.

PC074967Couldn’t wait to use this set for a cozy tea for two.

My “stuff a mug” gift was from Joyce, who happens to be the first friend I made when we moved to this town many years ago. 


She included lots of goodies in this pretty Christmas mug.  I love the Clinique “chubby stick” lip balm that I’d never tried before and all the other items, including a cute bag that she sewed with a unique snap close opening.


This is one talented group of sewers.  There were gorgeous tote bags and casserole carriers and other great items. 

Well, the holiday season is in full swing now.  I have our church party tonight and a company party on Saturday.  Hope you are all enjoying your parties too.

PC014954 - Copy


Ginger said...

What a fun time. Your gifts are lovely.

Marilyn said...

Love reading about other Christmas parties. No parties to go to here. Funny, but my women's group does come to my house for tea and that is about it. One thing I miss about working is the work Christmas parties and goodies. Loved seeing the very thoughtful gifts from your sewing buddies.

Bluebell Woods said...

found your blog through Antiques and Teacups. I am following you now. Loved the spread and table setting.

Angela McRae said...

What a fun party, and I love the gifts you received!

Children's Party Bag Provider said...

Good to know that you and the rest of the Sewing Seeds members had a fun-filled Christmas party while sharing all those sweet treats and creative gifts. Thanks for posting the updates of your wonderful event.

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