Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Royal Standard teacup


My friend Debbie surprised me on Sunday with this beautiful Royal Standard bone china teacup.  She found it at a thrift store in Massachusetts and thought I would like to have it.


The pastoral scene and colors on this cup are so soft and pretty.


I like the pedestal base on the cup and the lovely broken loop shape of the handle.


Royal Standard was a well known trademark of Chapmans Longton Ltd.  It was in use from about 1949.



This is an embroidered tea towel that I found recently.  It is pretty and colorful, but I did find one flaw with it.


This reads “teatine” to me – maybe I’m a little too fussy.

As usual you can check out the beautiful Teatime Tuesday posts at Terri and Martha's blogs. 


Snap said...

I really like your new tea cup with the pastoral scene. I keep looking for one similar and haven't found one yet (afordable). But I'm enjoying the hunt! What a nice friend and a lovely gift. Happy Tea Day!

Terri said...

Oh lucky you! What a romantic and beautiful tea cup! I have seen some like that before, but I have yet to bring one home. Yours is far prettier than ones I have seen.
What a kind friend!
I love those tea towels too! So pretty in those colors!

Antiques And Teacups said...

What a fun teacup! Love the romantic design, and I love the embroidered tea towel. Lovely!

Ruthie Miller said...

What a pretty and different cup. Sweet of your friend.
The towel is funny. I am guessing it was made overseas where they don't know English. I think it is amusing.
Have a happy day! Ruthie from:http://www.ladybstimefortea.blogspot.com

Sylvia said...

Love the cup, the handle is shape so pretty.

Angela McRae said...

What a great teacup from your friend-can't believe she found that at a thrift store. I would have scooped that right up! And I would have gotten the tea towel too, but like you I have to stretch a little to see that "m" in the word teatime!

Marilyn said...

It reads "tea teatine" to me too. Funny! What a lovely friend to gift you with a beautiful teacup.

Joy said...

What a beautiful tea cup your friend found for you! That tea towel just needs another stitch or two to make that "n" look more like an "m"!

Steph said...

LOL!! If you were super-industrious, I bet you could fix that towel. Regardless, it's pretty.

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