Monday, August 13, 2012

Up North


Just returned from a trip to Northern Ontario to visit family.  Part of the time was spent at my brothers lake house.  What a gorgeous spot.  Swimming in this beautiful spring fed lake was such a treat.


Their two Samoyed dogs were my constant companions – they thought I was their personal masseuse. 


There is nothing quite like paddling on a quiet lake and catching a gorgeous rainbow trout for dinner.  My brother was terrified that I was going to tip the canoe, but we made it back to shore – dry and with our prize. 


The weather and the bugs cooperated and my time there was pure bliss. 

While in Ontario I visited a few small towns and found some great tea bargains.  I’ll post more on that later and also show you some pics of “animal house”. 


Steph said...

Aaaaahhh! Lovely!

Those currants you mentioned were so good - and tart! They cost a pretty penny, but worth it.

Louise (Elsie May and Bertha) said...

I was getting quite jealous of your brother's lovely riverside home until you mentioned bugs. They may have behaved for you, but I'm a bug magnet, so they would probably come out just to see me! :-)
Your brother has a lovely looking home, the Adirondack chair are a favourite of mine (not that I have one), and two beautiful dogs.It looks like you had a great time.

Linda at Friendship Tea said...

So glad you enjoyed your visit!

Bernideen said...

He could tell a "whopper" of a story here!

Angela McRae said...

Sounds like a great trip, and Ican't wait to hear about your tea bargains!

Marilyn said...

How lovely to have time by and on the water. I would love it.

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