Thursday, June 14, 2012

Everyday Teapot

The Polish pottery teapot that I use every day is cracked (surprisingly not leaking) and getting close to retirement.  Even though I have dozens of teapots in my collection, it is easier to have a utilitarian pot ready and waiting on a kitchen counter.

I like to use favorites from my collection for guests and special occasions, but since they are on display for long periods, these pots need to have a thorough washing before use.  This just isn’t practical for the several times during the day when a pot of tea is called for.  


This is the cute teapot that I saw at my local TJ Maxx store recently.  What do you think?  It also comes in black, which might be a wiser choice to camouflage all those black tea stains.

Read this my dears, and you will see
how to make a nice cup of tea
take teapot to kettle, not t’other way round
and when you hear that whistling sound
pour a little in the pot
just make it nice and hot.
Pour that out and put in the tea,
loose or in bags, your choice, you see.
One bag for each two cups will do
with one extra bag to make a fine brew.
Steep 3-5 minutes then pour a cup.
Then sit right down and drink it up!

-Afternoon Teas by Patricia Winchester


Antiques And Teacups said...

Folks get the BEST stuff at TJMaxx! We don't have one within 60 miles! Rats! Thanks for telling us though!

Snap said...

I need to get to T.J. Maxx and see if I can find one like it!!!

Sylvia said...

I love the teapot you found at T.J.Max! I don't get there often since it's about 50 miles from me.

Barb's Tea Shop said...

I love this teapot. A good reminder to go back to TJ Maxx. A few years back, I purchased my Old Country Roses teapot there. Checked once a week as the price kept dropping. A bit of a gamble, but it paid off!
Also, look forward to wedding pictures. From what you have posted of the resort, it looks like a beautiful setting!!

Two Cottages And Tea said...

Theres something comforting about using a favorite teapot. We are getting a TJ Max in August and can hardly wait. Hope they still have that cute teapot there for me!! Your darling poem about brewing tea is so fun! I've never heard that one before. Happy week to you.

Marilyn said...

That would be a fun everyday teapot. I like the white because you can see how much it needs to be washed and can clean it up beautifully.

Angela McRae said...

I think that's great for your new "everyday" teapot. And I love that you apparently used the other one so much, it's time for a new one!

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