Thursday, May 24, 2012

Beach Wedding

We returned from Panama City Beach on Sunday night to a whirlwind of activities.  This is the last week of school for my grandsons and my hubby is trying to plan another trip due to family illness. 


The Shores of Panama Resort was a fun place to stay and convenient with its own banquet room for the reception.  The white sand beach was outstanding and Pineapple Willy's restaurant was right there with a pier extending onto the beach for beautiful views.  I enjoyed their grouper “fish and chips” so much that I ate it for lunch twice (well, it was vacation after all).  


My beautiful daughter and her soon to be husband were able to enjoy a couple of days relaxing by the pool, before they were caught up in a frenzy of wedding activities.   All of us had a wonderful surprise when my eldest brother and sister-in-law arrived unexpectedly all the way from Canada.

I can’t wait to see the photos of the wedding and I’ll be sure to post a formal pic of the bride and groom soon.  Cynthia’s dress was gorgeous, with a ruched waist, tiered skirt and lovely ribbon lacing design on the back. 

I’m still wading through emails and catching up on household chores, but hope to visit all my favorite bloggers soon.



Marilyn said...

It sounds like a very special family time. Your daughter is beautiful.

Angela McRae said...

Your daughter looks like her pretty mom, and I'll look forward to seeing wedding photos!

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