Saturday, March 17, 2012

Irish Tea

Did you know that the Irish have the highest per-capita consumption of tea in the world?  They like to drink it with sugar and lots of milk and it has to be strong.  That’s how I like mine, but minus the sugar.

There is an Irish saying that a good cuppa should be “strong enough for a mouse to trot on”. 


The most well known tea store in Ireland is Barry’s.  I’ve had this brand of tea and it is delicious.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to visit Bewley’s CafĂ© on Grafton Street in Dublin.  They have been in business since the 1840’s.


Today is a good day to bake a lovely loaf of Irish soda bread to enjoy with a robust cup of black tea.  I can already taste the warm thick slices spread with plenty of butter.

Irish Soda bread

Have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day.



jemilyea said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I like your green teapot. This morning I fixed Twinings Irish Breakfast tea, and this afternoon I'm having Barry's Irish Breakfast Tea. The friends I visited in Northern Ireland last year served tea all the time, so I believe you when you mentioned Irish people drinking lots of tea. My friends drink it without sugar though, so I learned to drink it that way and still do so often now.

Marilyn said...

Very pretty teapot. The soda bread looks like it would be delicious slathered with butter and jam and the Barry's Tea. I would love that tomorrow morning for breakfast, please!

Angela McRae said...

Beautiful! And I do hope you had a very nice St. Patrick's Day!

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