Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine’s Day Tea Time


Miss Cavendish – and no doubt Jolly – had created an enchanting setting for a tea party.  An assortment of little tables had been brought out and laid with lace cloths, an elaborate silver tea service, as well as a staggering assortment of sweets and cakes and sandwiches heaped on porcelain plates.  There were bowls of jam and sugar and little candies dotted here and there, and petals dropped from the trees like silken confetti spangling the grass.

- from Dark Road To Darjeeling by Deanna Raybourn

Take time to treat yourself to a special tea today. 

Happy Valentine’s Day.


racheld said...

We plan to, though on no such scale as Miss Cavendish---we tend to decide five minutes before time to put on the kettle.

And my customary helper is prone to drag out everything in the plastics drawer and bring out a mingle of teapots and serving pieces from several sets, as well as Melmac cups way-too-big and perhaps even a piece or two of Tupperware.

We're going to have an indulgent little tea this afternoon, with our dear neighbory lady, for we two limited ourselves to ONE chosen cookie after such a carby dinner last night.

Today, we're going to quarter one of each kind, and have a little sampler plate each.

I'm so delighted that you dropped in at LAWN TEA!!


(And your teacup is gorgeous!)

Steph said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you! Those cookies look lovely.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Happy Valentines Day to you!!


Sherry said...

Your cookies look delicious! Happy Valentine's Day!

Marilyn said...

Love the quote and it fits so nicely with the picture. What a lovely way to celebrate Valentine's.

Terri said...

This is a really wonderful tea set! The green is fab, and the plate unique. Delicious looking heart cookies, perfect for the day!
I hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day.

Angela McRae said...

What a lovely quote and photo!

Elizabeth said...

Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day, I did! Check out my Valentine's Day Tea Party! This is my first visit,I will be back!

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