Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Cards

Is it just me, or are the holidays getting more hectic each year?  Although hubby has been out of the country on business for a while, he did manage to leave me several of his cross-stitch Christmas cards.


He stitched a series of cards including Hope, Faith, Love, and  Joy.



The cross-stitch pieces just slide into the cards and can be removed for framing.


There was also a series of smaller round pieces with various subjects.  My favorite is this snowman that suits the card perfectly.


Now I just need to get busy and send them out.  How about you – do you still mail Christmas cards?  Some people are turning to online cards and I have received some gorgeous animated ones.


Marilyn said...

I do still send them out, but also enjoy sending online ones too.

Your hubbie makes the most beautiful cross stitch cards. What a treasure some of your friends will have to receive one of those cards.

Carol said...

Those are beautiful! What a talented husband you have!

Is it impolite to ask for your source for the cards? I would love to do some for next Christmas.

I do still send out mailed Christmas Cards. I think it's because I remember the excitement of recieving cards and letters as a child from my sweet Dad, when he served in Vietnam. I cherish them.

Merry Christmas!
Love Carol B.

Beth Rang said...

I still need to send out my cards. Some are purchased, and some are handmade. Tomorrow seems to be the day I'll concentrate on getting them ready to mail.

Angela McRae said...

Beautiful! (As the proud owner of several of these masterpieces myself, I can say what a thrill it is to receive one!)

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