Friday, May 21, 2010

Jade’s Tea Room

Thursday afternoon I met my blog friend Angela from Tea With Friends and we visited a new tea room in McDonough, GA.  It is in the Highlands Plaza on highway 42.  I was pleasantly surprised with the bright and pretty Asian influence decor inside.

P5201528 You can see by the sign outside that it is a modern establishment that offers free WiFi. 


There was an extensive tea menu and the tea sample wall was a nice touch.  It is fun to see the loose tea and to take down a sample tin and smell the fragrance of the tea.  There were also many kinds of gourmet coffee beans and drinks available for sale, which is great for when hubby joins me for a visit here.


The walls were painted in two pretty shades of sage green.  For those that prefer lounging over sitting at a table, there was a comfortable sofa.  I could picture someone sitting there with a hot cup of tea and their laptop.


 It took Angela and I a while to stop chatting and look at our pretty menus and choosing from all the delicious  teas and foods was not an easy task.  I finally settled on tomato basil soup, spinach salad with bacon and fresh ginger dressing and a turkey sandwich with tomato, lettuce and basil leaves.  It was served with crisp cucumber spears and a tasty sauce.

P5201519We ordered bubble tea to enjoy before lunch.  Isn’t that a pretty glass?  We had the black tea chai (spiced tea) flavor.

P5201525Jade had lots of pretty touches throughout her tea room, including these beautiful yellow roses on the tables.  There was even a timer for help in steeping the proper length of time.


We each ordered a pot of iced tea to drink with our lunch.  Mine was a nice lemon flavor with fresh lavender.  I was pleased with how much flavor and fragrance the lavender imparted to the tea.

After tea we shopped at the local quilt store, A Scarlet Thread, then did a little bargain hunting at Marshalls.  It was a fun afternoon.  If you have the opportunity to visit Jade’s Tea Room, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.  For more information you can visit the website here.

Since this was our first get together since my milestone  birthday in April, Angela presented me with a beautiful teacup and saucer and some other pretty things that I’ll share another time.  Maybe I will join one of those blog groups like Teacup Tuesday or such, so that I can show off my lovely new teacup.



Linda J. said...

Ooooh, what a fun day of friends, tea and shopping!

kimberly said...

That is one fantastic tea room, love seeing something different, and the Asian theme look great, so did your iced teas. Thanks for sharing your day with us.

And, yes, it would be fun if you joined Teacup Tuesday this week and show off your new teacup. I'd love to see it.

Marilyn said...

The ice tea looked beautiful in the glass teapots. What a special day of tea. In Portland we have Jade's Teahouse and your Jade's Tea Room reminded me of the one in Portland. Isn't it fun to have all different kinds of tea experiences. Love Bubble Tea too.

Angela McRae said...

What a fun day that was, Maureen -- wish I had it to look forward to again this week! (And I'll be blogging about it tomorrow, so I'm glad you blogged first so I can link to it!)

GardenofDaisies said...

I love the presentation in the glass teapots with the lavender floating on the top! Makes the pink look even prettier! Sounds like an enjoyable day with a friend!

Appleshoe said...

Oh I want a tea sample wall. It's lovely and functional and those glass teapots are so elegant... And what is Teacup Tuesday? Thank you for sharing this. It's a lovely place. I will have to visit some day. Sorry I've been gone from blog land. I hurt my hand, but I'm back now. Take care.

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