Tuesday, September 29, 2009

30th Anniversary Celebration

My younger daughter blessed us with an anniversary party this past Saturday.  Over thirty people came by her home to celebrate with us.  She did a wonderful job with the food and party decorations – everyone enjoyed themselves.


Most people know that 25 years is the silver anniversary and 50 years is the golden anniversary.  The thirtieth anniversary is pearls and I’m wearing several faux strands that were part of the party theme, along with lots of pearlized balloons, streamers, confetti, etc.

Although the party itself was not a surprise, Cynthia did manage to arrange one for us.  The night before the party I answered the door to find two of my brothers and my sister-in-law who had driven all the way from Canada to celebrate with us (a two day drive).  It had  been two years since I’d seen my eldest brother and his wife and over eight years for my middle brother.  What a fantastic surprise!  Sadly they had to leave on Sunday morning.

I’m so proud of Cynthia.  She managed to put this party together while working full time and going to school nights and weekends to get her four year degree.  Each time I offered to help with the preparations, she said that it was her gift and she wanted to do it herself.  All you moms know how hard it is to just stand back and observe.

I will treasure these special memories always. 



Frivolitea said...

Oh how lovely! And what a nice photo of you and your husband!

Southern Touch Catering said...

Now if I can just write through these tears.(Sob, sob)
What a wonderful gift and daughter! You have taught her well. And may I say you look lovely in that picture and you DH has beautiful eyes.

Angela McRae said...

Y'all make such a cute couple, too! How lovely that you were honored with a such a special and meaningful anniversary celebration!

Linda J. said...

Congratulations on your 30th anniversary!

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